Suzuki announces updated Burgman 400

POSTED: 17/06/2021

Suzuki has announced details of an updated Burgman 400, with the now Euro 5 compliant version of the original maxi-scooter boasting traction control, Suzuki’s Easy Start System, and updated instrument cluster, plus changes to its 400cc single-cylinder engine including a new twin-plug cylinder head, piston, and injectors.

Launched in 1998, the Burgman 400 carved out a new market for large displacement scooters, combining comfort, power, style, and practicality. Updated for the 2006 and 2018 model years, the latest iteration further improves on the proven and solid platform.

A revised engine produces well balanced low-midrange torque with improved throttle control, courtesy of a number of changes.

A new twin-plug cylinder head – with simultaneous ignition timing – provides strong power delivery, increases combustion efficiency, and aids fuel consumption. As an added bonus, adjusted ignition timing also results in easier engine startup and a more stable idle. The change additionally contributes to high combustion speed and reduces the possibility of engine knocking in the upper speed range. Consequently, ignition timing can be set to a timing at which power is produced more easily, thereby increasing top speed. A new secondary air pathway helps meet Euro 5 emissions standards.

There are revised cam profiles, and the injectors have changed from 16-hole to 10-hole injectors, resulting in more miniscule fuel droplets and increased air agitation, improving fuel consumption. A new catalytic converter increases the number of catalysts from one to two, further purifying exhaust gases.

One of the biggest changes to the updated Burgman 400 comes in the form of a traction control system, which benefits riding in slippery conditions and pulling away briskly from a complete stop. Meanwhile stopping is helped with a new ABS unit, which is also 36g lighter than the previous unit.

Practicality is maintained through 42 litres of underseat storage, plus an additional 6.3 litres of storage thanks to compartments upfront, the right hand side of which also houses a 12V socket for charging electronic devices.

The addition of Suzuki’s Easy Start System requires just one brush of the starter button to fire the engine, removing the need to hold the button down.

Cutaway footboards make it easier to get feet flat on the floor, and a plush seat with adjustable lumbar support makes for a comfortable ride. LED running lights, headlights, and taillights provide excellent nighttime visibility, while also enhancing the maxi-scooter’s stylish design.

Security features come in the form of Suzuki’s Advanced Immobiliser System (SAIS) and a magnetic cover that protects the ignition barrel and opens only for the owner’s key. A chain gate allows the rider to pass a chain lock through the bodywork, around the frame, and then around a pole or other immovable object.

The updated Burgman 400 will be available from authorised Suzuki dealerships in the summer, and will come in matte silver, matte black, and iron grey, all complete with blue rims.

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